Tree Truth

I read Donald Miller’s “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” a little over a year ago. I found it inspirational. I found myself wanting to live a better story, to step outside of my comfort bubble, to experience life with open eyes and a receptive heart, to invest in the people within my sphere. Here’s a quote that has stayed with me. It reminds me that life is bigger than ME. What are your thoughts?

“I am a tree in a story about a forest, and the story about the forest is better than the story about the tree.”

Colorado Aspens in Autumn. Their golden leaves are breathtaking, aren’t they?

9 thoughts on “Tree Truth

    1. ah, I never thought about that. That’s a very interesting point. We each have our own stories, our own adventures, even if it’s a subplot. Although maybe what you were getting at is the idea that we have the ability to give life and bless others. Our story can influence others and in some ways, be a forest itself.

  1. It’s true– we are all individual ‘trees’ in this infinite ‘forest.’ The forest is bigger than any of us, but what we cannot forget is that we are all a part of the forest, and therefore we are all connected through it. We are just as much the forest as the forest is us.

    1. Ya that’s true man, and an apt summary. Well put. I particularly like your point about us all being connected. In your travels, have you felt more like the “tree” or the “forest?”

      1. In my travels I have felt more like the forest than any other time. The tree is how I usually feel, but when I take a step back, bring my Life to a halt, and just meditate upon myself and my surroundings I begin feel like the forest again. That’s why I always try to make that a part of my daily schedule.

        But, in traveling, I feel more like the whole than a part. When I get the opportunity to immerse myself in new places and take off on a new journey, I can’t help but feeling more like the ever-flowing forest than the stationary tree.

  2. It’s interesting how our comments here are related to our comments under “For the Hopeless Wanderers.” Experiencing other cultures, people, and cities definitely shows us how we’re connected despite our differences.

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