Hell and Back

Old abandoned room

It’s dark out and clammy. It’s a loud street. Louder at night than the day. But only because the night is supposed to be quiet. And the silence shouldn’t hint at something wrong, something shameful and hidden, but it does. And there are two kinds of people on this street: people who sleep, curled in their beds, no sheets, with the whitewash of AC drowning out the sirens and heat, and then the vampires who do their silent deeds in the dark.

And there’s an abandoned building with a reputation for escape. And there’s a man who didn’t want to be found, slouched against the wall with a fresh vein and a fanged snake.

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On Black Canvas

black silk

My mind was blank
Then I drew you in
With running black paint
On black canvas.

Finished and framed
Between it hangs
My eyes and the world—
Both filter and fixation.

My mind was stained
When I drew you in
With running black paint
On black canvas,

Bleeding into forms
Never before seen.
These consecrated forms
Your artful sacrilege.

Don’t Act Your Age

I had a conversation with some friends last night. About getting older. About “acting your age.” See, I’m 26, and I don’t want to offend any of you who are older than me by saying that I feel soooo old, but there is a definite sense of aging, of leaving the invincibility of youth. But this awareness is mostly physical. In my spirit, I don’t feel old. I feel like me, Mike, and I’ll feel young forever. I’m convinced. Because I’ve talked to my friends who are in their thirties. I’ve talked to my parents and grandma. And apart from the physical aging, which none of us can escape, they all say they don’t “feel” their age.

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The Dance of Creativity


I created something once. A story. The words poured. Out from my heart as one thing, out from my mind as something else, and converged and swept through my veins, down my arms, to the tips of my fingers. And my fingers stepped against the keys in perfect rhythm, moving as one, in the most sensual of dances.

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Moon and Clouds

Moonlight is a dangerous thing when you’re with a girl.
It does what your heart cannot always do.
It shows you what your eyes cannot always see.

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