Michael Tannian

My Legacy of Stones

When Emotion Taunts Knowledge


Irrational fascination.
Forces of attraction.
into a familiar web of desire
an intricate maze I may never escape
relocation, my lone saving grace.

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It’s True

Cindy Crawford aka Sherry

“I don’t care about impressing girls,” he said.

Their brows rose, unanimously.

“It’s true!”

Sherry joined the circle. She had a mole on her cheek. It was perfect. She was perfect.

He changed the topic of conversation. “So, anyone see my touchdown last night?”

Everyone nodded. He re-enacted it anyway.


Too Little, Too Late


man and nature
Your eyes and lips teamed up to smile
, and your face was lined with joy, slightly bronzed by the Austrian star with a radiance of equal warmth.

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Her Aliases

Beautiful woman face. watercolor illustration
It’s too cloudy to be alone
the rain accentuates loneliness
sliding down her prominent cheek bones
and face
speckled with chocolate morsel rain drops

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The Head and the Heart Concert

You don’t mosh at certain concerts. Like The Head and the Heart. They have some upbeat songs, but nothing crazy or loud enough to whirl around, elbows flying, like a kamikaze orangutan. It’s even hard to get more than a solid head nod or shoulder sway going. You can dance to any music if there’s a beat, but some genres are easier than others. Chill indie folk music like The Head and the Heart is not an easy one. Even so, those two girls in front of me danced brazen.

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The Edge of Tomorrow – Extended Ending

*I’ve taken it upon myself to extend the ending to the movie, The Edge of Tomorrow. It contains spoilers. This is a link to a song from the soundtrack that may enhance your reading experience.

With every step the soldiers snapped to attention and saluted him. He walked by them in his officer’s uniform, adjusting the cuff links. He had passed them hundreds of times as a private. Now he passed them as Major Cage. The title hardly mattered.

He walked alongside the combat simulator. She was poised in the middle of the simulator arena, balancing on her arms above the floor, legs like a plank. She wore a sports bra covered by a half inch, bullet proof vest and military cargo pants. Both black.

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More Than

I need more than just my words to talk to you.
I need love.
I’ll never say a word,
and I’ll waste my future regretting it.


Moon and Clouds








Moonlight is a dangerous thing when you’re with a girl.
It does what your heart cannot always do.
It shows you what your eyes cannot always see.

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