Moon and Clouds





Moonlight is a dangerous thing when you’re with a girl.
It does what your heart cannot always do.
It shows you what your eyes cannot always see.

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The Image of Desire

Reed Flute Caves in Guilin, Guangxi Provine, China








We become what we desire.

For better.
For worse.

It’s not the surface desires that we become,
not really

They flit away on quiet breezes
dance among petals
defend us against ourselves
against the world
–right or wrong–
and all its accusations.  

and only secondly,
we are made in the image of subterranean desire
–those that dwell, and sometimes hide, in the underground caverns
the unknown depths
of the heart.

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My Cubicle Will Not Contain Me













I sit in my cube, stare at this white and glowing screen. To my left and to my right, bland and grayish cubicle walls. I’m stiff. I’m tight. I need to stretch, so I do, arching my back and extending my arms, twisting one way then the other.

It doesn’t help.

The physical constraint is the minor issue. The main issue: my spirit longs for something more.

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Written Into My Future


My like for English, for the discovery of words and the lilt of syntax, was written into my future before a single day came to be. This is evidenced in several ways, but right now I’m thinking how, in high school, English wooed me with its siren’s song. Okay, not really. At first I liked it because I was good at it, and I had teachers whose passion dripped from sleeves, who lived out the word “fun,” knew more than just the Webster’s definition.

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When Emotion Taunts Knowledge










Irrational fascination.
Forces of attraction.
into a familiar web of desire
an intricate maze I may never escape
relocation, my lone saving grace.

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It’s True

Cindy Crawford aka Sherry









“I don’t care about impressing girls,” he said.

Their brows rose, unanimously.

“It’s true!”

Sherry joined the circle. She had a mole on her cheek. It was perfect. She was perfect.

He changed the topic of conversation. “So, anyone see my touchdown last night?”

Everyone nodded. He re-enacted it anyway.


Too Little, Too Late


man and nature








Your eyes and lips teamed up to smile, and your face was lined with joy, slightly bronzed by the Austrian star with a radiance of equal warmth.

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